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The KennisGuild group emerged from its founders’ profound conviction that a service becomes special when it is executed by professionals whose characteristics and way of working are fully adapted to their goals. Services should have a signature. In other words, a client must be able to work with the person or group who will carry out the very best work. For us, every service is unique, and if it is carried out by the right people, the chance of achieving satisfaction, both for the client and for the working team, will be substantially increased. With our services, each person puts his face to his work. It is not a question of impersonally delivering a job, as on an assembly line, but of creating a product that is made with the dedication and pride of a craftsman.


We believe in complete professionals that form part of a group which supports them not only in their specialist areas but also in their qualities and abilities, allowing them to develop as individuals at the heart of a community that inspires their desire to work with the same dedication as the group, while celebrating their unique characteristics. Each individual is in tune with the group’s dedication and the pride that it takes in working well, with integrity, joy, excellence, and development: creating prosperity.


The name of the KennisGuild group was inspired by the old guilds or craft corporations that were created in Europe in the Middle Ages. Guilds were actually associations of artisans working in the same field, in which people with a common professional activity aimed to guarantee the interests of their class and to regulate the profession.


The aim of these associations was to protect the interests of their members. In accordance with the above description, the origins of KennisGuild lie in the ambition to create a group of companies that specialise in a particular business area and that recruit members who are monitored and supported by more experienced professionals in the development of their career, sharing experiences and knowledge. The name Kennis comes from the Dutch word for knowledge.


The KennisGuild group is therefore made up of a group of companies that share the same methodology, organisational structure, and business concepts, and which are focused on members offering each other mutual support in order to specialise and deepen their knowledge and mastery of the business in which they are involved. 

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