The KennisGuild group has its roots in Holland, where Kennis = knowledge and Guild = an association of artisans in a particular trade. The KennisGuild group therefore functions as a network of professional units seeking knowledge, excellence and specialisation in a particular area. 



The organisation and basic business model are the same for all of the companies belonging to the group, which is based on providing its members with careers that evolve from the bottom to the top according to the experience that our collaborators acquire and demonstrate. Careers can be built at the pace desired by the individual concerned and in accordance with his or her ambition and will.


The group is currently made up of six Guilds, of which three - KennisTranslations, KennisConsulting and KennisCoaching – are in full operation. The remaining three are in the incubation stage. KennisHealth (under development), KennisBabies (under development), and KennisSystems (under development)


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